At QMMS we are involved in many aspects of mastitis and milk quality consultancy and training, varying from providing individual on-farm consultancy in conjunction with the local veterinary surgeon, through to providing training to all aspects of the industry, encompassing mastitis and milk quality management.


Individual Farm Consultancy

Vet advising a farmerOur individual on-farm consultancy is based around our unique approach to the analysis of clinical mastitis and somatic cell count data using the TotalVet software. Herds that are experiencing increased somatic cell counts and/or increased rates of clinical mastitis will benefit from an improved understanding of underlying patterns in new infection rates, new clinical case rates, cure rates and more.

Combining analysis of on-farm data with visits to review the current management, including dry cow environment, parlour routine, lactating cow housing etc allows for specific interventions to be agreed and a targeted approach to reducing the rate of new disease.



   The analysis of clinical mastitis data is particularly important to understand patterns of disease on farm, especially in low somatic cell count herds.


   A crucial element to the clinical mastitis data analysis is to monitor the rate of new clinical cases in cows less than 30 days in milk, as these clinical cases are likely to be a result of infections acquired during the dry period, and therefore require a different approach to management.



Combining patterns in clinical mastitis data, analysis of somatic cell count records and recent bacteriology results from clinical cases allows for a HERD DIAGNOSIS to be made, and a structured approach to reducing mastitis.


Industry Training

QMMS Ltd is also able to provide 'on farm' and CPD training to all aspects of the industry, encompassing mastitis and milk quality management. We cover a range of topics delivered in lecture style with visits to local herds where appropriate to highlight specific points. Examples include:

  • Mastitis Diagnostics
  • Mastitis Therapeutics
  • Mastitis Research (review of recent publications and likely impact)
  • Dry Cow Management
  • Environment Management
  • Selective Dry Cow Therapy
  • Mastitis and Milk Harvesting
  • Mastitis Problem Solving (based on delegates own herd examples)


Many of these courses are delivered to veterinary surgeons in practice, where the combination of real herd data with latest research findings allows vets to keep up to date with their Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


At a national and international level QMMS are also involved in delivery of software and pharmaceutical development.