QMMS and the University of Nottingham collaborated to develop the Mastitis Pattern Analysis Tool which categorises herds on their predominant mastitis pattern, indicating whether infection is mainly from the environment or contagious (cow to cow), and whether new infections are more common during lactation or the dry period. This is vital to information to have, before embarking on mastitis control measures.

The Pattern Analysis tool is the basis of the national udder health initiative AHDB QuarterPRO

QMMS and SUM-IT have collaborated to provide a converter tool that will extract the information needed to run the Pattern Analysis Tool, from a common data layer (cdl) file produced from milk recording information by any of the three main UK milk recording organisations. This converter has been made available free of charge, for the benefit of the dairy industry as a whole.



The converter extracts from a cdl file the vital information to run the Mastitis Pattern Analysis Tool, saving it in a .csv file. It is available to download here: CDL Converter

TotalVet users can create the same file using 'View Advanced Reports' > 'Mastitis Rates - CSV Export'