where quality counts

We are a small family company, focused on the dairy industry, offering milk recording, laboratory and consultancy services to a range of clients from dairy farmers to multinational companies. We benefit from over 50 years combined experience in the dairy sector and are also involved at the ‘cutting edge’ of mastitis research and the application of the latest findings on farm. We have an uncompromising approach to quality, throughout our business from milk recording to bacteriology, adopted from a firm research base.

QMMS has a dedicated team of personnel, including specialist veterinary surgeons, bacteriologists, and research assistants. Familiarity with farming and the industry as well as speaking to the same person ensures your query is dealt with rapidly and to your satisfaction.

‘big enough to cope - small enough to care!’ 

Our clients are many and varied including conventional and organic farmers, veterinary surgeons, cooperatives, processors, universities and large multi-national pharmaceutical companies. All of our customers are valued from the smallest to the largest and we pride ourselves on fulfilling our clients’ needs, irrespective of whether they are a small family business using our milk recording services or a pharmaceutical giant.

Our farm clients range from smaller herds of 50 cows to very large herds of over 1000 cows on a mix of systems including pasture-based, seasonal calving herds and intensive, high yielding herds. Our services cater for herds on aligned contracts, herds wishing to do 'essential' sampling, and herds requiring pedigree recording.

‘more than just numbers’ 

Our philosophy is to deliver a cost effective service centred on ‘adding value’ to the milk recording and bacteriology data we produce. We are firmly committed to providing appropriate unbiased advice and are acutely aware of the key management decisions that need to be made on the basis of our analyses.